about us


Script Pro Music Publishing has been committed to showcase our best and brightest young vocalists, actors, poets, and entertainers.  We provide an excellent opportunity for creative artists to catapult their career in the industry.

Scrip Pro Music talent showcase offers “LIVE SHOWS” with professional sound and lighting; while staging unsigned artists whom otherwise may not have had the opportunity, creating crucial exposure to many of the Agents, Managers & Casting Directors.

Many committed artists will launch national careers following the Script Pro Music talent showcase, while also competing for trophies, merchandise and services.

Our Mission:

  • Locate Committed Unsigned Artists
  • Provide Opportunity
  • Create Crucial Exposure


He lives by a simple philosophy, “Dreams Are Real.” For much of his life, music has been it. Levine Johnson, a Buffalo New York reared streetwise man, dealing with the pressure of life, has lived the music. Stepping into the music scene at the age of 15 years old, performed with a talented funk band called the “Systematic Funk” at various local Jazz-Nightclubs, escaping some of the pit-fall of peer pressure during his adolescent years, with his alto saxophone (as the “Sexy-Sax Playa”).

In 1998, as an employee of The City of Buffalo Police Department, patrolling the streets, he was confronted with the reality of his job and witnessed the grace of God, when a 19 year old gang banger pointed a .22 cal. handgun, then pulled the trigger. He can hear the click, the silence, the gun failing to go off.

Since that day, he has been on a personal mission to succeed, realizing how unpredictable life can be, never forgetting where he came from, inspired to help youth move towards the level of stardom, committed to the Spirit of Community

Through his company, Script Pro Music Publishing, he has established a talent competition aimed at contributing to youth activities and adolescent motivational enhancement, achieving extraordinary success, he has provided creative artists with a key to unlock doors of opportunity into the industry, while in a drug-free, safe environment, reaching a considerably large number of individuals.